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Ganamrutha Academy In NC Focused On Bringing Young Talent To Stage

Ganamrutha-Academy-In-NC-Focused-On-Bringing-Young-Talent-To-Stage India West

Ganamrutha Academy In NC Focused On Bringing Young Talent To Stage

India-West Staff Reporter
– Mytreyi Shastry Aravind, is the founder and instructor of Ganamrutha Academy here.

The academy’s students participate regularly in competitions and have achieved remarkable success at regional, state, national, and international levels. In the year 2022 alone, the school’s students secured an astounding 40 prizes in various Carnatic music competitions worldwide. They also showcase their talent at various events both in-person and online, while also actively contributing to fundraisers for notable organizations such as the Carolina Murugan Temple, Sankara Nethralaya USA, and the Radhakrishna Temple of NC.

Mytreyi says the vision of the institution is a clear one: to encourage children, teenagers, and young adults to pursue music with the same dedication as they would their academics.

Teaching Indian American children presents unique challenges, including language barriers, pronunciation differences, and instilling a deep sense of bhakti (devotion) in their music. Mytreyi recognizes the importance of finding common ground between herself and her young students, who may have limited exposure to Indian languages and cultural contexts. Patience and a deep understanding of the student’s maturity levels are essential in teaching complex musical concepts effectively, she says.

Correct pronunciation of Carnatic music compositions, which span various South Indian languages and even some North Indian languages, is of utmost importance. Mytreyi places significant emphasis on teaching her students the correct understanding and usage of intricate music terminologies while ensuring they enunciate words accurately to avoid artha binnam (misinterpretation of meanings). Despite their diverse backgrounds and accents, students at Ganamrutha Academy eagerly learn to embrace profound bhakti, allowing them to express their devotion through their performances.

Mytreyi’s teaching philosophy revolves around preparing her students for stage performances from a young age. She firmly believes that true talents are meant to be showcased on the grandest of stages. By instilling this mindset in her students, she encourages them to seize every opportunity to showcase their abilities and develop their confidence.

Her musical journey began under the tutelage of esteemed mentors, including C V Madhuram and A S Panchapakesa Iyer from Alathur. Later, she embarked on her training at the renowned Semmangudi School, where she learned from distinguished gurus such as the late P S Narayanaswami, Papanasam Dr Rukmini Ramani, and Wesleyan University Emeritus Prof Dr S A K Durga.

In recognition of her exceptional contributions to the field of music, Mytreyi was bestowed with the prestigious title of “Guru Extraordinaire” by the East Zone Cultural Organization in Odisha, in collaboration with the Government of India in 2023. She has also been featured in renowned Tamil magazines, including Kalki in December 2022 and Kalaimagal in June 2023. She has served as a judge for over 50 music competitions across the US and internationally.

Mytreyi’s talent has taken her on a journey across the world, where she has performed in India, the United States, Singapore, and various Scandinavian countries.

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