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Garwhal’s Spicy Bread Bombs

Garwhal’s Spicy Bread Bombs

By Chef Sahil Arora


boiled potato mash 0.012grm

cumin seeds 0.002grm

coriander seeds 0.002grm

coriander chop 0.01grm

mint leaves 0.005 grm

tomato chop 0.01 grm

green chilies chop 0.005 grm

 hing 0.001 grm

oil to fry 0.2 grm

salt 0.005 grm

chaat masala 0.005 grm

white bread (slice 6)0.01 gram


Crackle the cumin, and coriander seeds in hot oil,

Add green chili, chop tomato, coriander, and mint chop.

Mix the grated potato to make the mixture and add salt and chaat masala.

Just soak the bread slice in lukewarm water and stuffed it with the potato ball.

Layer the potato ball with the bread slice tightly.

Deep fry it in oil and serve it with mint chutney.

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