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Gaza: Rep.Thanedar Blasts Vandalism Of Community Center

Gaza: Rep.Thanedar Blasts Vandalism Of Community Center

Gaza: Rep.Thanedar Blasts Vandalism Of Community Center

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DETROIT, MI – “As a member of Congress, I am always open to dialogue and debate. Unfortunately, this vandalism of the community center is not an isolated incident, nor is it a productive form of communication. These acts create nothing but fear and division during a time that depends on open conversation and discourse,” Rep. Shri Thanedar, said in a statement on May 7, after a community center here, owned and operated by him, was vandalized.

The congressman’s face was painted over and the word “racist” was spray-painted on the building. The word “ceasefire” relating to the war in Gaza and a Palestinian flag was also sprayed on the side of the building.

“In the past, I have dealt with other unproductive forms of protest. One that turned violent at a holiday party last December and another consisting of individuals demonstrating at my home at 3 in the morning. These incidents ended with people in the hospital and my loved ones feeling unsafe in their own bedrooms. In this case, a place designed to bring our community together was vandalized in a way that seeks to drive it apart,” Thanedar said.  

Thanedar has been a target after he came out in support of Israel in the aftermath of Hamas’ brutal attacks last October. Since then he has called for all hostages on both sides to be released and a cease-fire to be called.

“War never solves any problems,” Thanedar told the Detroit Free Press, and believes Hamas needs to be dismantled to a point where it is incapable of repeating such violence. “I have never shied away from talking about it,” he added. “(But) such vandalism, creating such fear among my supporters … isn’t going to bring sympathy to their cause.”

The vandalized building is used for community events, seminars, and roundtable discussions.

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  • Initially the congressional representative came to power with the help of the progressives; realized that woke/progressives were not aligned to his values and abandoned soon. Now he sees the outcome. This is what every community is going through now. By the way, the neighborhood looking at the picture looks blighted. why keep a community center in that area if if people feel unsafe.

    May 7, 2024

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