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Get Those Exquisite Tea Accessories

Get Those Exquisite Tea Accessories

Just the way a sommelier will tell you that the shape, structure, and material of wine glass affect wine’s taste, aromatics and flavor, a Tea enthusiast will always know that tea-ware can build the taste and flavor of your tea.

There are multiple products that contribute to the taste of tea in their own special way. The tea market these days is flooded with accessories that promise to make brewing tea easier, better, or more fun. If you’re just starting out with tea, it’s hard to know which of these tea accessories you actually need and which ones only get in the way.

Octavius Tea, a heritage tea producer, who redefined the art of tea drinking with the various flavors and its diversified range of tea collection exceptionally designed for all tea lovers, presents a guide to exquisite tea accessories to make your tea time extra special!

Tea Cups

For most of us, our mornings don’t start without our “cup” of tea. Any tea lover needs a good set of teacups. There are so many to choose from, but porcelain, clay, ceramic and glass cups usually make great teacups. They also come in various shapes and sizes. Did you know that the classic teacup shape is designed in a way that maximizes the mouthfeel and texture of tea? A classically shaped teacup has increased surface area which ensures more tea is sipped as you tilt the cup to your mouth. This complements and enhances the tea drinking experience, especially in the case of black teas that have a velvety and rich texture.

Flared teacups, generally, have thin walls which make heat dissipate quicker. This is good for white and green teas which are typically enjoyed warm. The flared cup also gives you more control over the amount of tea that can be sipped.


Designed to be functional, Teapots are also aesthetically pleasing to look at. Teapots are used to brew teas, unlike kettles which are mainly used as vessels for holding brewed tea. They’re available in different styles, both traditional and modern looking in glass, ceramic, stainless steel, copper and more. Ceramic teapots look traditional but also have a charming element to them. Ideal for brewing the same type of tea daily. Whereas stainless steel teapots are good for brewing multiple flavors of tea since the flavor can be easily washed off. Glass teapots are a wonderful option for loose leaf teas and have a built-in infuser that acts like a French press offering maximum functionality. And last but not the least, the copper teapots are for those who love the vintage feel while also looking for durability making them excellent gifting options.

Teapot with Infuser

A chai lover is always on the lookout for accessories that add more excitement to the process of brewing. If that sounds much like you, then the teapot with an infuser is something that would catch your fancy. An infuser helps in extracting maximum flavors from the tea. Since the teapot infuser is transparent, there is the added bonus of watching the unfurling of the leaves as they blend into the hot water. Using a teapot infuser provides space for the tea leaves to open up entirely thereby releasing a depth of flavors.


Gaiwan means lidded cup or bowl- a cherished item that is appealing as well as utilitarian. A gaiwan is said to be an extension of the tea bowl but with an artistic touch to it. The beauty of drinking tea from a gaiwan is that you get to admire the blossoming of tea leaves in your cup. If you relish taking lazy sips and cherish watching the unfurling of tea then Gaiwan is a must-have in your tea ware collection.

Infuser Mug

Want to enjoy the refreshing flavors of a brewed tea while on the go? The infuser mug is the one for you. As the name suggests an Infuser Mug is a product that helps you to brew tea within the mug with the help of an infuser. With the Infuser Mug, you can brew loose leaf teas at home or at work without much of a hassle and enjoy a hot sip directly after removing the detachable infuser. So if you’re looking to gift something to your loved ones or treat yourself with something useful, the Infuser mugs, available in multiple designs is what you should go for.

Tea Press

Did you know that there’s a French press made for tea brews as well? Well, if not, today is your lucky day! A Tea press has a plunger mechanism that presses the steeped tea leaves. When tea is plunged the brewing stops, so the tea does not become bitter. Tea can be brewed to the strength of your preference without actually removing the infuser. Need something to baffle the guests at your next tea party, Tea press is the way to go.

Whether you’re looking for gift inspiration for your favorite tea lover or looking to add to your own collection, this list of tea accessories is a must-have for every tea lover. So no matter the brew, you can always try something new.

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