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Gond Art: Dots, Lines, Colors

Gond Art: Dots, Lines, Colors

Gond art is a well-known Indian folk and tribal community folk art, as well as one of our cultural heritage’s pearls. Rajendra Kumar Shyam’s quiet and modest demeanour is inextricably linked to his bold and almost-well-balanced Gond painting style.

Kumar’s Gond art represents a tangible vocabulary fueled by an archive impulse, with canvases filled with flawlessly symmetrical, complex compositions that tell elaborate stories about Gond culture and depict images from rural life.

His paintings are done in earth tones or primary colours such as red, green, yellow, and black, all of which have long been associated with the Gond community and have traditional meanings. These paintings are intended to be used not only for decoration, but also to express spiritual and religious beliefs.

Brilliant colors and gorgeous patterns of dots and lines are used in painting to create an amazing appeal. Rajendra’s Gond painting technique is depicted in a jumble of dashes and dots. The collage is composed of vibrant images of animals and plants that articulate folk art in black and white and a distinct color. This work of art is filled with color, humor, detail, and ambiguity. The images have been subjected to theme experimentation and creativity, with combinations of plants, animals, birds, nature, folklore, and filling motifs such as dashes, dots, curves, and so on.

The art begins with the creation of an outline and the filling in of black hues; patterns are developed after the art has dried. The Tree of Life is a major theme in Gond art. Many themes highlight the connection between the tree of life, animals, and other elements. For example, the fable of the peacock with bad feet is frequently associated with a theme. According to the story, the peacock, despite its beautiful plumage, is only complete with its small, disproportionate feet.

This art is not only decorative, but also an essential part of Gond tribal life. It is a reflection on their cultural environment, and as such, it is inextricably linked to its other components, such as dance, theatre, and music, as well as their daily lives. The Gonds are one of India’s largest tribes, with strongholds in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha. (IANS)

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