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Green Chili Powder to Hit Market Soon

Green Chili

Green Chili Powder to Hit Market Soon

VARANASI (IANS) – Ever thought of having a green chili powder on your dining table?

This is all set to become a reality because the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research here, has now developed a technology of powdering green chili.

Till now only red chili powder was easily available in the market whereas green chili powder, is not.

IIVR has got the technique patented in its name and is all set for the market launch of the product.

The institute has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Himachal Pradesh-based firm.

The green chili powder prepared by this technology also contains more than 30 per cent vitamin C, 94-95 per cent chlorophyll and 65-70 per cent capsin and thus prepared green chili powder can be stored safely for several months at normal temperature.

The institute has also connected the farmers of eastern Uttar Pradesh with the company, so green chilies produced in this area can be directly purchased by this company.

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