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Gurvinder Singh Making Web Series On Bhagat Singh


Gurvinder Singh Making Web Series On Bhagat Singh

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – Best known for his Punjabi films ‘Anhe Ghore Da Daan’ and ‘Chauthi Koot’ which premiered at Venice and Cannes Film Festivals respectively, filmmaker Gurvinder Singh is all set to make a web series on Bhagat Singh.

Stressing that he is still relevant and will continue to remain so, Singh said, “The revolutionary’s character has always fascinated me owing to the multiple layers he boasted of. Not many people have explored him completely. Yes, he was a revolutionary but also had a great sense of humor.”

The series will dwell upon how Bhagat Singh and his comrades ‘used’ the trial to amplify their ideas of independence.

While many other films have been made on Bhagat Singh, including ‘The Legend of Bhagat Singh’, the filmmaker points out that in most films, the narrative was very linear. “Not one spelled that he was an atheist,” said this Film and Television Institute of India graduate.

Adding that the movie will also put a spotlight on other women revolutionaries, the project will be produced by former NFDC MD Nina Lath.

Talk to him about the research that has undergone in the project, and Singh stresses, “We have paid immense attention to that. We have access to some of the finest researchers who have done a very detailed job and have been working on Bhagat Singh for years now.”

The director asserts that he intentionally wants to adopt the web series format and not make a movie on the subject. “I want the canvas to be extremely wide so that different facets of the revolutionary can be captured. One cannot do justice to such a subject in a feature film.”

Someone who documented the farmer’s protest and made the documentary ‘Trolley Times’ that was screened during the latest edition of MAMI, adds, “There are several projects which I would like to attempt, but financing is a major problem.”

One wonders if an internationally acclaimed independent filmmaker still faces a problem getting funds, and he smiles, “I have resigned to the fact that the situation will always be like this, so no frustration now.”

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