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Hair Care For Summer

Hair Care For Summer

If you care for your hair, then the influx of summer sunshine should be your cue to up the ante on maintaining the health of your hair through the season. While basking in the sun, or styling using extra heat, there are several reasons why your hair could suffer a shortage of moisture.

Protect your scalp: Your hair can give the scalp some protection from ultraviolet radiation, the melanin inside the cortex absorbs the UV radiation from the sun to stop it from reaching the scalp and causing damage such as sunburn. However, any exposed skin is not protected, such as where your hair is parted. Consider applying a sunscreen to these areas to protect your scalp from UV and its effects.

Lighter hair color: Melanin gives your hair its color and protects against UV damage. Absorbing the UV radiation, however, can break down the melanin in the cortex. This causes hair color to become lighter (photobleaching), particularly in the summer. To help protect and keep the intensity of your natural color, you could apply sunscreen that is formulated for hair.

Weaker hair: UV light causes damage to the proteins within the hair, this can result in the hair becoming weaker and therefore more prone to breakage. The more time you spend in the sun the worse the damage to your hair. Applying a sunscreen formulated for hair or a hat can help minimize this damage.

Regular haircuts: Haircuts help to keep your hair fresh and healthy. By removing split ends and increasing hair alignment, frizz can be reduced.

Chlorine: Chlorine can react with the hair cuticles making the surface of your hair become rougher. Some swimming pools also use copper algaecides to protect against algae. This can turn blonde and bleached hair slightly green. Therefore, after you have been swimming, we would recommend washing your hair as soon as possible with a mild shampoo to minimize the risk of damage.

Styling in humidity: At hotter times of the year, the air tends to be more humid which can make hair frizzier and reduce style retention as the high-water levels in the air reset the bonds created during styling. To reduce frizz try using light hair oil to make hair more supple; to improve retention, consider setting your style with a higher hold hairspray.

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