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Happy Raksha Bandhan! Television Actors Share Their Rituals

Happy Raksha Bandhan! Television Actors Share Their Rituals

Everyone has their own special way of celebrating Raksha Bandhan. (Publicity photo)

By R.M. VIJAYAKAR/Special to India-West

MUMBAI — Rakshabandhan falls Aug. 22 this year, and we have quotes from some television celebs on this occasion as they remember their siblings. The day is all about tying the rakhi while making promises to be with each other and for the brothers to pledge ‘raksha’ (protection) to their sisters. Such beautiful traditions create memories that we cherish forever.

Harjinder Singh:

“I have been raised in a joint family, and had 10 elder sisters. This was a day when instead of giving something, I used to receive gifts along with the rakhis. The entire family used to come together for this occasion. I don’t have a real sister, but I have an elder brother, Bhupinder Singh, who is like a friend to me. This time, rakhi celebration won’t be possible like every year, as I will be shooting for my web series, “Inspector Avinash.” This bond between siblings that rakhi signifies cannot be measured. True relationship is when someone stands by your side in your difficult times and we siblings always have each other’s back.”

Mrunal Jain:

“My fondest childhood memory is from school, when a lot of girls wanted to tie Rakhi to me and I was very shy and used to put a bandage on my hand and say I have hurt myself! Since the last few years, Rashami Desai (the TV actor) who is my mooh-boli behen (adopted sister) ties a rakhi to me. She is a very caring sister and like every year, Rakhi celebration will be a small, private but fun affair.”

Sneha Namanandni:

“For me, the bond between a brother and sister is very special. I still remember how my brother Pavan, tried the WWE chokeslam and pedigree during one Rakhi celebrations. I am glad I survived! My brother was this loving and protective sort of an elder sibling when we were children. In fact, nothing has changed. The festival reminds us of the bond we share with our brothers, no matter how much we fight. The love and respect I have for my brother has no bounds. We grew up together facing all the struggles and hardships, and always stood up for each other.”

Zohaeb Farooqui:

“One of my fondest memories of rakhi is of my sister Meghna writing me a letter when I was studying in boarding. I remember she sent me a rakhi in an envelope with a letter. The same thing happened again during this pandemic and honestly it brought back all my childhood memories. This year, I genuinely look forward to meeting my sisters and having some fun time with them.”

Delnaaz Irani:

“Rakhi has always been an extremely special occasion. My elder brother Porus Irani stays in London for the last 10 years, so we usually miss celebrating the festival with him. So it will be only my younger brother Bakhtiyaar and me, as we both are in Mumbai. We make it a point to meet and have lunch and dinner. This year it’s going to be a rakhi celebration over dinner. We will be video-calling Porus and I will tie two rakhis to Bakhtiyaar. My brothers are my pillars of strength, I trust them completely. Whenever I need them, they are always there for me. They are very protective and possessive and extremely caring. Both of them have immense love for me and I completely adore both of them.”

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