HomeIndiaIndia and the worldHome Is Where Ram Is – NRIs Want To Buy Property In Ayodhya

Home Is Where Ram Is – NRIs Want To Buy Property In Ayodhya

Home Is Where Ram Is – NRIs Want To Buy Property In Ayodhya

Home Is Where Ram Is – NRIs Want To Buy Property In Ayodhya

AYODHYA, (IANS) – Home is where Ram is — that is what people now believe.

According to official sources, both Indians and NRIs are now queuing up to buy property in the holy city that has come to be known as ‘Hindu Vatican’ after the opening of the Ram temple last month.

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan made headlines last month when he bought a plot of land in Ayodhya.

“Private companies and real estate agents are also active. However, a maximum number of NRIs are showing interest in the government schemes,” an official said.

Formal requests by any country are routed through the Union government and hence those posing as representatives of the countries have been asked to provide formal authorization letters through the embassies.

Delegations from Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, and Sri Lanka have visited the city to explore the options of buying land in Ayodhya, which has undergone a massive makeover because of infrastructure upgrade because of the Ram temple and the state government’s commitment to make it a global destination,” said the official.

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  • I doubt if NRIs are buying property in Ayodhya to build homes for themselves to live in the birthplace of Ram ji. Most of them think that the property will appreciate significantly once all the infrastructure is operational and the place becomes a popular tourist attraction. It’s all about investment and it has little to do with religiosity.

    February 2, 2024
    • Pradeepji how can you generalize so! No doubt, some may consider it as good investment, for some it may be a place to settle down to lead a peaceful religious life after retirement and for some others it could be a place to shift and continue their profession to an ideal place of their choice.

      February 4, 2024
  • Mr. Nair, you are right! That’s why I used the phrase, “most of them”, not “all of them”, in the context of investment in Ayodhya. The bottom line is that we are not mind readers, therefore, none of us knows anyone’s real intentions behind their decisions. Neither is it anyone’s business what people do with their money or where they choose to live. I was simply responding to the title of the article, “Home is where Ram is” because most Hindus, including I, believe that Ram, being God, is omnipresent, irrespective of where one’s home is.

    February 8, 2024

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