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How to Deal With Itchy Eyes

How to Deal With Itchy Eyes

You are not alone if you feel the need to rub your eyes. Itchy eyes are a very common problem, also known as ocular allergy, these are typically the result of an allergy, or a condition known as dry eye syndrome.

Combatting dry eyes:

. When you’re dealing with a mild case of allergic itching, you can use a cold cloth or a cold compress over the eyes to ease the discomfort of itching. You can also try splashing your eyes with cold water.

. If your eye itching is due to some particles or dust in your eyes, you can remove it from your eyes by using warm water or saline solution.

. Closing the windows of your car or house.

. Wearing sunglasses when venturing outside to avoid contact with allergens.

. Avoid rubbing your eyes. As constant rubbing of the eyes can damage the top layer of the eye, which can lead to pain and infection.

. You can shower at night to remove the accumulated dirt and pollen from your hair, eyelid, skin, and face to avoid eye irritation.

. Make sure you wash your hands after patting animals to avoid transferring allergens to the eye.

. Maintaining contact lens hygiene can help you protect your eyes from allergens and bacteria. If you are using contact lenses, you must make sure to change them as frequently as possible.

. Keeping the eyes lubricated frequently with artificial tears.

. And at last, keep hydrating yourself.

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