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Huge Rush For Visas Has Garcetti Join Staff To Fingerprint Applicants

Huge Rush For Visas Has Garcetti Join Staff To Fingerprint Applicants

NEW DELHI (ANI) – US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti on November 6visited the US mission in the national capital to oversee the “unprecedented demand” for US visitor visas amongIndians.

The US Embassy said that Garcetti was the special guest helping the extra visa applicants on ‘Super Saturday’.

“The gang’s all here! Our consular team in New Delhi woke up early this weekend for a special “Super Saturday” dedicated to meeting the unprecedented demand for U.S. visitor visas. We are seeing extra visa applicants with the help of Ambassador Eric Garcetti, our special guest finger printer!” the US Embassy posted.

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  • “the unprecedented demand for U.S. visitor visas”…this statement of the news item raises a few suspicions in my mind in light of the fact that so many people misuse the visitor visa and simply overstay until they get caught and get deported, which doesn’t happen often enough, considering how broken the US immigration system is.

    According to an article of Indianeagle.com, “USA Makes Rigorous Changes to Policy for Visitor Visas to Prevent Visa Misuse and Visa Overstay”, dated November 7, 2023, nearly 740,000 foreign visitors, including 30,000 Indians, were found overstaying their non-immigrant US visas in 2016, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Many foreigners tend to enter USA on the pretext of vacationing, honeymooning, business expos, medical treatment, cultural or culinary touring. Once they arrive in USA, they get involved in what absolutely differs from their pre-defined plans. The discrepancy between what they say while applying for US visitor visas and what they do after entering USA is considered a case of misrepresentation.

    The latest changes to the policy for US visitor visas (B1, B2) resulted from the pressing need to curb visa abuse and visa overstay by potential violators.

    November 7, 2023

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