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I Am In High School And Vivek Ramaswamy Alarms Me

I Am In High School And Vivek Ramaswamy Alarms Me.

I Am In High School And Vivek Ramaswamy Alarms Me

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By Abhishek Narahari

In mid-August, after I was elected President of my school’s student senate, I received a call from my grandparents in India. Having known my deep interest in politics, they congratulated me profusely. But towards the end, they punctuated it with an unsettling comparison: Vivek Ramaswamy.

As a young Indian American, the sudden rise of the Presidential candidate has been alarming. Unfortunately, many members of the Indian diaspora– both in the United States and back home– have celebrated him as a young, new face of leadership.

But this must be stopped.

 Vivek Ramaswamy represents everything our community has struggled to overcome. For starters, some 70 years ago, Indians joined together and fought for the establishment of self-determination, the ability to form a democracy, and the right to vote. Yet he wants to take that away with his draconian proposal to raise the American voting age to 25, something that, if enacted, will chip away at the very ideals of democracy that have been so central to our community. Our ancestors protested and marched in an effort to secure the right to vote, so it would be an insult to their memory if we simply allowed them to be stripped away at our behest. Sadly, his harmful ideas don’t end there.

Even more shocking is his proposal to end birthright citizenship. Ramaswamy claims that this would halt illegal immigration. But don’t be mistaken– this will only further the plight of Indian Americans and thrust a whole generation of families into limbo. It is because of birthright citizenship that thousands of kids of Indian immigrants– including myself– have been able to enjoy the full rights of the only country we’ve ever truly known, and stripping that away would be a disgrace. For anyone even entertaining supporting Ramaswamy, I beg them to think of the consequences that could unfold if this fundamental American mechanism disappears. Indian American kids will be isolated from their classmates, unable to pursue a life in their home country once they become an adult, and stuck in wrenching uncertainty throughout their childhood. This would be a gut punch to our community.

And those are only his domestic policies.

On the world stage, he’s even more alarming, calling to defund  U.S. efforts to help our partners in Ukraine and Taiwan. This would be an unmistakable signal to our adversaries– China in particular– that the U.S. is no longer concerned about protecting democracy and freedom worldwide, enabling a drastic expansion of its political hegemony. The consequences could be especially acute for India under these circumstances, as any signal of isolationism from the West may encourage China to escalate the long-tenuous situation along the Himalayan border.

Look– I get it. Ramaswamy may have a last name that sounds like many of ours. He may speak with skilled oration that we like to see Desi high schoolers emulate on debate teams. And he may be a young, new face to the American political stage.

But make no mistake– the last place where he belongs is in the Oval Office. Indian Americans turned out in massive numbers in 2020 to vote Donald Trump out of the Presidency because we understood the need to reject hate, chaos, and recklessness. Ramaswamy would be everything Trump was, but worse– taking the most extreme of Trump’s policies and establishing them as his campaign’s core ideals.

(Narahari is a high school senior from Albuquerque, NM. He is President of his school’s student government, and participates in Model UN. He has also worked on several Democratic political campaigns and Indian American advocacy groups.)

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  • Well done, Abhishek! Thank you for having the courage to speak up and educate the Indians that are unable or unwilling to see the abhorrent ideas and positions Vivek Ramaswamy, and Nikky Haley for that matter, are attempting to promote.

    October 11, 2023
  • Vivek talked about ending birthright of the children born of illegal parents only. I support that and most of his other proposals.

    October 11, 2023
  • What kind of rubbish piece is this? There are so many falsehoods and gives me pause for the future generation:

    1) author claims vivek wants to get rid of birthright citizenship. This is false. Vivek wants to remove birthright citizenship of children whose parents came to the US illegally. If this author’s parents are illegal aliens like he’s kind of claiming, then he should go back to India and get deported for being criminals.

    2) author claims Indians voted in droves against trump. This is false. Cornell data shows Indians came out in full force to support Trump – 35%. And more than 40% Indian men voted Trump. These are all Republican voting records.

    3) author claims Vivek wants to raise the voting age. This is false. People 18 years old can still vote if they pass a basic civics test given in English, or if they serve the country through military or first responder. If this author is too dumb to pass this test, which wouldn’t be surprising given how dumb this article is, then they still have the option to work part-time while in college as an EMT or something.

    October 11, 2023
  • Vivek Ramaswamy and Nikki Haley are BOTH psychopaths that should make us all embarrassed to be South Asian.

    October 11, 2023
  • Narahari: You are incorrect. Above comments is absolutely correct. Please don’t vote for people who thinks this type of ideology. Vote for making this country good and prosperous. Vote for Presidents who loves this country and their people. Make this country better without any debt.

    October 11, 2023
  • I agree with your assessment. He is Egomanic and a dangerous man. He should be stopped.

    October 11, 2023
  • Abhishek, congrats on your Student Senate post!
    1) Vivek wanted to raise the voting age to 25, because young people are not still understanding the politics and getting confused which is more harm than good. If a smart kid like you is mistaken then which kid wouldn’t? He is very right about the Voting age.

    2) He was trying to stop the illegal immigration, by not giving birthright citizenship to illegal immigrants only, otherwise anybody can come to this country illegally to have kids here, and they claim to stay here as the parents of the citizen, how else could you stop this bad practice? again you misunderstood.
    3) You misunderstood on his foreign policy also. Just because USA is helping, it doesn’t mean Ukraine is right..they have their own agenda, at the cost of spending and using USA’s weapons..where Vivek is saying let them deal with Russia on their own, as Russia wants to reclaim their land Ukraine, but USA will help them only if they don’t partner with China..
    Please listen to his speeches more and understand his plans, you will get answers for your questions…because you totally got them wrong…a smart kid should pay more attention to understand the world matters, you can not half read the sentence for a conclusion.
    All the best to you Abhishek!

    October 11, 2023
  • Considering that this guy has no political background or administrative experience, he looks and sounds like a joke!

    October 11, 2023
  • He will be the greatest president America have ever had.
    He is the one of the greatest thinker of all time and will change the whole world not only America for the betterment of whole humane race.
    He is the one of the most intelligent person we ever known in the human history.
    Just given here one known example known to all but may not be notice its significant.
    He has given over 1000 of hours of speeches, answering wide tropics of questions from hundreds of journalists, politicians, intellectuals. He didn’t take fraction of second to answer any questions with a speed without any filler to think and quality of most sophisticated high-end English with most sophisticated pronunciation being a bilingual. Go and watch the transcript of all of his speeches and answers. It can be send directly to press for publication without a proof-reading [obviously based on subject matter], that is not possible for any one in this earth. Think yourself one such person in anywhere in the world. His idea, thinking even beyond our imagination. Whatever he is doing is betterment of all of us.
    We just have to wait and watch.

    October 11, 2023
  • Dear Abhishek just I read your EYEOPENING post revealing the truth about Vivek Ramaswamy! Yes – as normal with any Indian the first time I heard his talk I was glad another Indian origin – that too from south India like your vice president is grooming himself to an important position in us political scene! But believe me after reading one or two of his political agenda – I was totally disillusioned! Not only me several
    Others in INDIA! No longer just a NAMEor an individual s origin to be considered for admiration- his stance& his comrades – TELL ME YOUR FRIENDS- I WILL
    TELL WHAT YOU ARE – reveal a true individual! Yeah – I read your post& really proud of the Rationale brought out so explicitly clear! Keep it up& Gid bless!

    October 12, 2023

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