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In Search Of Indianness Through Art

In Search Of Indianness Through Art

In Search Of Indianness Through Art

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – India’s cultural consciousness is embedded with pearls of heritage carried forward through generations in the form of folk art. Stories from epics such as Mahabharata, Ramayana and Panchatantra are prominently illustrated and propagated by Patuas (Pattachitra artists) and Sutradhars. We may exist as an individual with personal ambitions, goals, and vision but together we occur within the society as an Indian.

“In Search of Indianness” is an artistic odyssey of Santanu Nandan Dinda and Sunita Dinda.

Today, India is a cosmopolitan nation inhabiting people with different food habits, languages, customs, traditions, religious beliefs, and many more things. In this abstract, the two artists through their paintings seek Indianness.

Indianness is a conscious approach to implanting values and history that has originated, evolved, and transformed on Indian soil.

Santanu and Sunita’s paintings are a homage to their cultural identity. Both artists have worked together in the same studio for a long time and their paintings are inspired to tell their shared perspectives and mutual stories. Canvases drenched with bold lines and folk motifs express the beauty and serenity of an earthy India. Their creativity is rooted in the city of Jamshedpur, where they both grew up surrounded by tribal life.

India’s national personification is a woman – Bharat Mata. She is seen as a goddess that rages ferociously to protect her people and she is also seen as a mother that many Indian freedom fighters had fought for. Female deities are also deeply rooted in scriptures and holy books. Henceforth, both Sunita and Santanu have expressed their love for their nation through their paintings where a female entity takes center stage. Women are depicted as protagonists in their everyday lives.

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