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In the UN, India Warns Against Ignoring Hate Aimed at Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism

In the UN, India Warns Against Ignoring Hate Aimed at Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism

NEW YORK, NY (IANS) – Rejecting the Organization for Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) criticism as “divisive,” India has said that efforts to combat religiophobia will not succeed if the rising hatred against Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism is ignored.

“It’s time that UN member states condemned hatred against non-Abrahamic religions as well and stop being selective in combating religiophobia’s,” India’s Permanent Representative T. S. Tirumurti told the General Assembly on June 20.

“There cannot be double standards on religiophobia if you truly want to combat hate,” he said at the informal high-level meeting commemorating the first International Day for Countering Hate Speech.

India has promoted a culture of tolerance and respect for all religions under its constitution and its legal system deals with violations, he added, reacting to a criticism voiced by Pakistan on behalf of the OIC.

“Aberrations are dealt with within our legal framework and we reject selective outrage from outside, especially when they are motivated and pursuing a divisive agenda just as we heard today’s references against India by OIC,” he said.

Pakistan was referring to BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who has been suspended by the party’s leadership and is facing criminal charges in several cities of hurting religious sentiments.

Tirumurti said, “India has time and again emphasized that combating religiophobia can never succeed if it continues to be exclusionary and remains restricted to one or two religions only, while completely ignoring the rise in hatred and discrimination against non-Abrahamic religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism.”

Tirumurti cited the recent attack by the Islamic State on a gurdwara in Kabul, the very day designated by the General Assembly to combat hate speech. The international reaction to it has been muted with the only notable condemnation of the attack coming from the UN Mission in Afghanistan.

“Today, every one of the world’s major religions has a home in India, making it a nation of unparalleled diversity. India has, over the centuries, provided refuge to all, whether Zoroastrians or the Jewish community or Tibetan Buddhists or many from our own neighborhood,” Trimurti added.

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Munir Akram speaking on behalf of the OIC said that “denigration of Prophet Mohammad by India’s ruling party’s official” along with republishing cartoons of Mohammad by a French satirical publication and burning copies of the Quran in Sweden were “willful provocations and defamation of Islamic holy personalities and religious symbols”.

He called them “gross abuse of the right of freedom of expression” that hurt the sensitivities of Muslims and “reinforce extremist sentiments”.

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