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India Acknowledges Indians Stuck In Russian War

India Acknowledges Indians Stuck In Russian War

India Acknowledges Indians Stuck In Russian War

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – At least 20 Indians, who had gone to work with the Russian Army, are stuck in that country and efforts are on to seek their early release, the Ministry of External Affairs finally acknowledged. It said that some Indians are entangled in Russia’s ongoing war with Ukraine and that it was coordinating with its Russian counterpart to facilitate their release.

The remarks came in the backdrop of reports that a group of Indian youth fell victim to agents who deceitfully sent them to Russia under the false pretext of providing them with security guard jobs.

“We are trying our best… We are in regular touch with the Russian authorities — both here in New Delhi and in Moscow,” MEA spokesman Randhir Jaiswal said.

While the government had not confirmed reports, the media has been reporting that dozens of Indians have been duped into military service in Russia. Most sought jobs because of poor economic conditions at home.

The unsuspecting Indians were promised support jobs, but were ultimately enlisted in the Russian army, receiving misleading translations of documents and undergoing military training against their initial understanding.

On being asked about India’s position on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, Jaiswal reiterated that both sides should come together and find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

“Our position is very well known. We’ve said this at the highest levels that India desires that there be discussion, that there be diplomacy, that there be constant engagement so that both sides can come together and find a solution for peace,” he said.

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  • Are the agents still roaming free?
    India and Russia should work together on this. Russia should file a case of “human trafficking and fraud” and demand handover to Russia. India should oblige in exchange of the 20 defrauded individuals and then work with Russia to release them after a year of labor in the frontlines of the War.

    March 2, 2024

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