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India And Oman To Study Sharks In Arabian Sea


India And Oman To Study Sharks In Arabian Sea

KOCHI, (IANS) – A joint initiative between India and Oman to boost research and conservation of sharks and rays in the Arabian Sea will be launched at an upcoming workshop at ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute.

Experts from both countries will take part in the workshop, which is expected to take place shortly, here, which will take up the collaborative research works and capacity building in elasmobranch research.

The institute has been running a dedicated research program on sharks and rays in Indian waters for over a decade, leading to the development of policy advisories, conservation plans and species-specific databases on several shark and ray species of the Indian EEZ.

During the workshop, participants from both countries will share their knowledge and experience of working with sharks and rays in their respective regions.

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