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India Goes On The Offensive, Asks Canada To Withdraw 40 Diplomats

India Goes On The Offensive, Asks Canada To Withdraw 40 Diplomats

India Goes On The Offensive, Asks Canada To Withdraw 40 Diplomats

NEW DELHI, (IANS) – India is learned to have told Canada to withdraw around 40 diplomats from the country by October 10 amid worsening ties between the two nations, according to reports.

The reports have said that New Delhi has conveyed to Canada that if the diplomats are not withdrawn by the deadline, they will lose their diplomatic immunity.

There are more than 60 Canadian diplomats posted in India.

Last month, after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated in Parliament that Indian intelligence agents may have been involved in the murder of Sikh pro-Khalistan hardliner Hardeep Singh Nijjar, diplomatic relations hit an all-time low between the two nations.

Nijjar was shot dead outside a gurdwara in Surrey, British Columbia, on June 18 by masked gunmen.

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  • Now, Now, patience, lets not get violent, allow people to dig their own grave .. Justin is on fast track to do that.

    October 3, 2023
  • India teaches the lesson to Canada; How the Canada should exist in civilized world with other peace-loving countries.
    Well done, India. Now to deal with India under PM MODI is not similar as to deal with India under Sonia Ghandhi/Congress.

    October 3, 2023
  • Prime Minister Modi may be gaining politically in the short term by making Canada an enemy, but he is making life tough for Indian Canadians, and Indians who want to study, work, travel, or settle down in Canada.
    According to newindiaabroad.com, “Over 100+ Indian students studying across 20+ colleges and universities were surveyed for a recent report, the findings of which say 69 per cent of these students have experienced anxiety amid the ongoing Indo-Canadian diplomatic row.”

    “The survey found that 69 per cent of students experienced anxiety amid the ongoing tensions between the two countries, female students more than males. The anxiety levels were higher among students who have not spent much time in Canada than those who have been in the country longer.”

    “The findings say 32 per cent of students are more worried about their physical safety than before while 77 per cent of students reported their parents are “paranoid” or “worried”. However, the survey also found that overall, students seem to be hoping that the ongoing situation is a temporary setback. 81 per cent of Indian students in Canada have their long-term plans of staying in Canada unchanged while only 9 per cent are considering leaving the country.”

    October 4, 2023

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