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India Now Cooperating Says Canadian Official


India Now Cooperating Says Canadian Official

OTTAWA (ANI) – Canada’s outgoing National Security Advisor Jody Thomas on January 27 said that India was cooperating in the investigation of the killing of India-designated terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, and called the changing relationship an “evolution”, as reported by Canada-based CTV News.

Thomas said that Canada has “made advancements in that relationship.”

In an interview with CTV’s Question Period host Vassy Kapelos Thomas said that her discussions with her Indian counterpart have been fruitful, “and I think they’ve moved things forward,” she said.

In September last year, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had said that there were “credible allegations” that the Indian government may have been involved in the killing of Sikh separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, in Surrey in June 2023.

In December last year Justin Trudeau said that he had made the allegations public as he expected the information to be leaked.

Later in December, in a parallel development, the US Justice Department unsealed an indictment against an Indian national for his alleged involvement in a foiled plot to assassinate Pannun.

The Justice Department said that an Indian government employee who was not identified in the indictment filed in a federal court in Manhattan, recruited an Indian national named Nikhil Gupta to hire a hitman to carry out the assassination, which was foiled by US authorities, according to prosecutors. Gupta is currently in custody and has been charged with murder-for-hire, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

When asked by CTV news whether Canada’s improved relationship with India was a result of the US indictment, outgoing NSA Jody Thomas said, “The two are connected for sure.”

“The information that they revealed supported our position and our assertions with India. India is working with us, and my counterpart far more closely to resolve this,” said Thomas.

In December, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had also said that he believes India’s relations with Canada may have undergone “a tonal shift” in the days since the unsealing of the US indictment.

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  • India was always cooperating. It is Canada that is a terrorist nation that supports the hijacking and blowing up of planes!

    Canada needs to do more to protect Indians in Canada and arrest terrorists that threaten India and Indians under the protections of “Freedom of Speech”.

    January 29, 2024
  • Make the allegations and evidence public please!

    The Press will shred DooDoo.

    January 29, 2024
  • The following article provides additional details on this issue.

    “India now cooperating with probe into Nijjar’s murder: Ex-Canadian official
    New Delhi,UPDATED: Jan 28, 2024 14:44 IST
    Written By: Devika Bhattacharya”

    “ Despite the initial allegations of India’s non-cooperation from Canada, Thomas said, “I would not describe them as non-cooperating”. She added that recent dialogues with her Indian counterpart had been productive.”

    “ Thomas also noted that the US indictment of an Indian national, Nikhil Gupta, for his role in a plot to assassinate another Sikh separatist leader, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, in the United States, had influenced the improved dynamics.

    The diplomatic row between the two nations escalated after Trudeau suggested there were “credible allegations” of Indian government agents’ involvement in Nijjar’s murder. India vehemently dismissed these claims as “absurd”, while also maintaining that Canada never provided any evidence or information to support its allegations.”

    January 29, 2024
  • The article referenced above was from indiatoday.in

    January 29, 2024
  • Well! There must be some truth to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegations. India got caught “red-handed” in Canada and the United States. I wonder if these two cases would lead other governments in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand to look into some similar dormant cases in their respective countries.

    January 29, 2024

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