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Indian American CEO Falls To Death During Celebrations

Indian American CEO Falls To Death During Celebrations

Indian American CEO Falls To Death During Celebrations

BARRINGTON, IL (IANS) – A probe is underway by the Telangana police into alleged negligence and lack of safety precautions that led to the death of the CEO of a software company and critical injuries to the company president during the firm’s silver jubilee celebrations at Ramoji Film City on January 18 night.

Sanjay Shah, 56, the Chief Executive Officer of Vistex Asia Pacific Pvt Ltd, lost his life while President Raju Datla, 52, was injured in the accident.

Vistex, based here, had arranged accommodation for its staff at Ramoji Film City and had planned a two-day celebration.

The duo was inside a makeshift cage for a stunt as part of the celebrations. When the cage was being lowered from a height of about 20 feet to kickstart the celebrations, one of the ropes snapped and both fell on the ground.

The detached structure which had an iron base and wooden fencing plunged more than 15 feet and landed on the concrete dais, causing grievous injuries to both.

They were rushed to a hospital, where Shah succumbed while undergoing treatment. His colleague remains in critical condition.

The tragic incident shocked about 700 participants in the celebrations at Limelight Garden at Ramoji Film City on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Vistex, which specializes in revenue management solutions and services, has 20 global offices and employs more than 2,000 people.

Police were scanning video footage of the incident and were trying to ascertain if negligence by the event management team led to the tragedy.

According to a complaint filed by an official of Vistex, the event management team did not take safety precautions. Even the ambulance was not available, and both Shah and Datla had to be taken to hospital in a car, the complainant said.

Based on the complaint, a case was registered at Abdullapurmet Police Station of Rachakonda Police Commissionerate.

A case has been registered against the Ramoji Film City and event management authorities.

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  • When India’s PM Modi remains busy in his Hindu extremism and dividing Hindus and Muslims and get elected again, he and his administration have no time to think and apply strict safety rules for such mishaps. Also, because of high level corruption, such culprits will not be caught and punished so other goons will not repeat such crimes.

    January 22, 2024
  • It was poor judgement to have this type of stunt, one dead, one seriously injured and hundreds left with emotional trauma for the rest of their life. Is it worth it? Anyway, destiny has a way to get the person in one shape or the other. Just visualize the four corners of the harness, being tied by Yama’s ambassadors. That is why prayers are important.

    January 22, 2024

      January 22, 2024

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