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Indian American Mother-Daughter Duo Write Book on Demystifying the Stock Market

Indian American Mother-Daughter Duo Write Book on Demystifying the Stock Market

The Indian American mother-daughter team of Shreyanshi Kumari, 10, and Garima Kumari, co-authored “How to Become Money-Wise: 10 Year Old Kids Demystifying the Stock Market.” (photo provided)

India-West Staff Reporter

An Indian American mother-daughter duo has teamed up to co-author a book all about the stock market.

Shreyanshi Kumari, a 10-year-old author of multiple books, along with her mother Garima Kumari, published “How to Become Money-Wise: 10 Year Old Kids Demystifying the Stock Market” to reach all the kids and grown-ups alike, and take them for an “enjoyable ride” about three young kids who gradually demystify the stock market, according to a news release.

The stock market world is filled with intricacies that are unfathomable to many people, kids and grown-ups alike. Its enigmatic ways nevertheless allure people with its promising wealth, the release notes.

Understanding the wonders of the stock market, its risks and rewards at an early age is exciting, given that the kids are not attached to the concepts of money. Sowing the seeds early is the key to success, the release notes.

How to Become Money-Wise is a story of three close 10-year-old friends in fifth grade. While they love studies, they also greatly enjoy music, video games, volleyball and hanging out together.

One unique chapter in their lives starts when they get into an adventurous exploration of the stock market, the release notes of the book.

It made them excited about the alien stock market jargons and its scary terminologies. They jumped into it, deciphering the code of the mysterious stock market world and experienced a paradigm shift from a spending to an investing mindset, it says.

According to the release, the book has fun moments, inspiring achievements and impromptu celebrations of these three friends. During the course of the story, the readers will feel how the complex things become easy and simple to understand when looked at through a kid’s eyes.

The book also has a format of learning and getting the hands on-deck, using a pretend money game and worksheets, the release notes.

The authors wish to encourage readers across the globe to get a flavor of savings and investment, moving beyond the spending circle, and become inspired towards structured investing, it said.

Shreyanshi learned the concepts of the stock market during her fifth grade gifted and talented classes of the stock market game and worked on the book during the fifth grade while the learning was still fresh, her bio notes.

The elder Kumari is a post-graduate in management with specialization in finance and marketing from the Indian School of Business.

Kumari witnessed the rigor with which Shreyanshi learned stock market concepts, not just exploring the topics with her friends but also discussing and sharing at home with parents, her bio noted.

This inspired this story to come into being. The fictional story runs in parallel with the conceptual understanding of the stock market mystery, it said.

With her debut book, Shreyanshi has joined hands with multi-award-winning voluntary organization Goonj and the contributions she made was towards the Rahat COVID initiatives.

She aims to continue on this path and work with such organizations, through contributing a large part of this book’s sales proceeds, the release noted.

Shreyanshi is an awardee of four world records for her debut poetry book, “Pandemic 2020: Poetic Winter Evening,” for which she also holds a grandmaster title from the Asia Book of Records.

Subsequently, she move up from free-flow poetry to rhyming poetry and published her second book, “Rhyming Vibes: Riding the Poetic Waves,” according to her bio.

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