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Indian American Reps Welcome Mid-East Pause In War

Indian American Reps Welcome Mid-East Pause In War

WASHINGTON, DC (IANS) – Indian American Reps have welcomed the four-day truce in the Israel-Hamas war, which has come into effect on November 24 after nearly seven weeks of intense fighting.

Hamas has released hostages and the number would rise up to 50 over the four days, according to a deal brokered by Qatar, Egypt, and the US.

“I am encouraged by the prospects of a temporary negotiated ceasefire and strongly urge the (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu administration to accept the proposed terms being reported in return for the release of hostages and the delivery of essential humanitarian aid,” Congressman Ami Bera said in a statement.

Bera, who represents the 6th district of California, hoped that President Joe Biden’s administration would be able to leverage the momentary pause to advance negotiations towards a more promising future for the Israelis and the Palestinians.

“My commitment to advocating for a two-state solution remains unwavering, where Israelis and Palestinians can live side-by-side in peace. It may seem like an impossible dream, but the alternatives are simply untenable,” Bera said.

Congressman Shri Thanedar said the recently announced temporary pause offers a glimmer of hope in the “complex landscape” of the Israel-Hamas war.

“The path to peace remains challenging, but this temporary cessation of hostilities represents possibility and hope. It is my sincere desire that the conflict ends soon with the removal of Hamas, and we are able to move forward to a place of stable coexistence,” Thanedar said.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal said that the temporary cessation of hostilities is a “much-needed signal of progress and an important step towards safety and security for all civilians”.

“I hope that this temporary ceasefire will extend further and ensure the release of every single hostage, as well be the beginning of a negotiated permanent ceasefire and the development of a political solution so that Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side with security and self-determination,” Jayapal said in a statement posted on her website.

The Congresswoman said she spent the last few weeks meeting with multiple families of hostages and is “grateful” that 50 of those hostages will return to their loved ones.

The Indian American leaders hoped that the agreement will allow for much-needed food, water, fuel, and other humanitarian aid to enter strife-torn Gaza.

According to the Israeli authorities, 235 people are held captive in Gaza, including Israelis and foreign nationals, and about 40 of them are reportedly children.

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