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Indian Private Schools In Dubai Are Thriving


Indian Private Schools In Dubai Are Thriving

DUBAI, (IANS) – Enrolment in Indian private schools in Dubai surged by nearly 9,000 in a year, the Emirate’s private education regulator said, announcing the results of the latest Indian school inspections.

The number of pupils attending Indian private schools in Dubai stood at 94,499 in 2022-23, surging ahead of the previous academic year’s 85,588, The National newspaper reported.

Rashmi Nandkeolyar, principal at Delhi Private School Dubai, told The National: “During the pandemic, in schools like ours, which are good value for money, suddenly there was a huge influx of enrolment.”

“Because we had online classes, we could accommodate a few more pupils. Now we are at full capacity, and we don’t have a single spot.”

“Lots of people are moving to Dubai as it is a very safe place and budget schools like ours are doing very well. Those are going to be sought after,” Nandkeolyar told The National.

In October, authorities said the overall private school pupil population in Dubai surged by a record 39,000 in one year.

Official statistics at the time showed more than 365,000 pupils were enrolled in the Emirate, up from 326,000 in November 2022.

Four Indian schools improved from acceptable to good and no schools declined in their ratings, the inspection results showed.

Delhi Private School and The Millennium School were the only schools that ranked outstanding for well-being, while Gems Modern Academy in Nad Al Sheba area was rated outstanding for inclusion.

“Our vision is to transform Dubai into a global destination for education and this starts with every school and every classroom… Dubai has ambitious targets for the growth of its economy and population and high-quality education will be central to achieving these targets,” Abdulla Al Karam, Director General, Knowledge, and Human Development Authority (KHDA), said.

According to the news report, well-being became a key focus of school inspections last year, when 29 Indian-curriculum schools received good or improved rankings in the field.

In the rankings issued by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, one Indian curriculum school was rated outstanding, 10 were rated very good, 14 were deemed good and seven were marked as acceptable.

Gems Modern Academy is the only Indian school to have been ranked outstanding consistently since 2011.

“It’s because I think we focus on well-being and have been doing it for a number of years,” said Nargish Khambatta, principal of the school, which follows the Indian and the IB curriculum.

According to recent official data, 35 percent of pupils are enrolled at UK schools, 26 percent at Indian schools, and 16 percent at US curriculum schools in Dubai.

Pupils studying in the Emirate’s private schools represent 187 nationalities, highlighting Dubai’s multicultural society. The Gulf region is home to 215 private schools, offering 18 different curriculum choices.

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