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India’s Fragrant Ambassador From Karnataka

India’s Fragrant Ambassador From Karnataka

India’s Fragrant Ambassador From Karnataka

BENGALURU (IANS) – Sandalwood oil produced in Mysuru is renowned as “Liquid Gold” due to its consistent quality and fragrance characteristics. It is also recognized as the “Fragrant Ambassador of India” for its hallmark purity and consistent quality.

The botanical name of East Indian sandalwood is “Santalum album,” which yields the highest quality sandalwood oil and has been a coveted perfumery material for the past century. With a pleasant, woody, sweet odor and long-lasting quality, this oil serves as an excellent fixative in oriental perfumes, known for its persistent, sweet, woody aroma. Widely used in medicine, beauty aids, and cosmetic preparations, it exhibits antiseptic, analgesic, and antibiotic properties.

The distinct strong woody pleasant odor and medicinal properties are attributed to α & β-Santalols, with Indian sandalwood oil containing the highest amounts of these compared to any other sandalwood oil globally. α-Santalol possesses antibacterial properties, while β-Santalol has sedative properties, distinguishing it from synthetic Sandalwood boosters lacking these active ingredients.

Sandalwood essential oil finds applications in aromatherapy, effectively treating skin irritation, and acne, and acting as a mood enhancer. With a significant role in Indian culture, Sandalwood is used throughout human life, from cradle to cremation.

The Government Sandalwood Oil factory, established in 1916 in Mysore by Maharaja Nalwadi Krishna Raja Wodeyar and Dewan Sir M. Visvesvaraya, aimed to extract oil from Sandalwood. Perfected with the help of scientists at the Indian Institute of Science, this initiative aimed to place Mysore State on the global map by introducing the world’s best natural sandalwood oil.

Taking the logical step to use sandalwood oil in toilet soap production, S. G. Sastry, a student of science, was sent to the United Kingdom for higher training in oil technology. Upon returning to India, he conducted experiments and successfully created a soap perfume blend using sandalwood oil as a base. This led to the introduction of Mysore Sandal Soap in 1918, the only soap in the world made from pure vegetable oils based on 100% pure natural oil. Karnataka Soaps & Detergents Limited owns the proprietary Geographical Indication (GI) tag for both Mysore Sandal Soap & Mysore Sandalwood Oil, providing worldwide recognition.

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