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Infosys Pulls Out of Russia

Infosys Pulls Out Of Russia

Infosys Pulls Out of Russia

BENGALURU (IANS) – Infosys CEO and MD Salil Parekh said on April 13 that the company won’t work with any Russian clients.

“We work with no Russian clients and the work we do is with a small number of global clients in Russia, and we have started transitioning,” Parekh stated.

“We have no impact on our business from an Infosys perspective given what is going on. We are providing reskilling for individuals that are displaced and see as they move to other locations in Eastern Europe.

“Given what is going on in the region, we have started to transition all our work from our centers in Russia to our centers outside Russia. We have less than 100 employees in Russia,” he added.

In Europe, Infosys as a company would very much like to see the two sides (Russia and Ukraine) come together and come to some agreement on peace, Parekh said adding: “We have launched a fund, $1 million, to help in the humanitarian areas.”

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