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Is Salman Khan Jealous Of OTT?


Is Salman Khan Jealous Of OTT?


MUMBAI – Salman Khan has come out in favor of clean content on OTT platforms and the rest of the media. Others on Twitter have pounced on him as if Salman Khan always indulged in such stuff and is now trying to be Mr. Clean! Salman tweeted:

“I just think that there should be a censor on OTT and this vulgar nudity, gali galoch should stop ASAP. 15-16-year-olds are watching such content on their phone.”

The media has accused Salman of the things he has done in his films, but those on Twitter have reacted with abuses and insults. Social media such as Twitter is the abode of cowards who gather the courage to call names to others behind the safety of their handles.

Don’t be surprised if you find them catching the first day, first show of the next Salman Khan film!

Twitter is the place to vent frustration and the handles are not expected to offer any constructive criticism. But the media?

Some have attributed motives to Salman’s attempts to build a good image. They have mentioned how he started appearing topless in his movies, thereby compelling Aamir Khan, and Shah Rukh Khan to also flaunt their muscles! If one follows Indian mythology, all gods and other characters went topless.

A media commentator even said that the ‘Bollywood mafia’ is jealous of OTT, which is why Salman made such a comment. What do you think feeds OTT if not the films?

A watchable OTT serial comes occasionally. Films ensure their survival, at least in India. None of media people picking on Salman misses out on mentioning his age: 58. Don’t know what is wrong about being 58 and yet so fit and commanding a mass following as well!

To cite instances of Salman baring his body, or kissing on screen, or using lewd gestures or abusive language is not true. Of course, he is known to make unacceptable gestures in real life, even to women journalists. As for using dialogues with double meaning, the practice has been a part of Indian films from time immemorial.

If one dwells deeper, the lyrics of almost every second song have double meanings. Take for example the song from ‘Murder’, ‘Bheege honth tere’, or ‘Balam pichkari…’ from ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’. Just search on the Net and you will find a long list of songs with double meaning.

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  • Your days are gone bro. It is natural to age, get shorter and uglier ! It’s too late to improve your image, so stop getting harder on your self !
    Be appreciative to India who gave you unconditional support, even when you guys’ worked against !

    April 17, 2023

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