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Jharkhand’s ‘Peda’ Makers Shoot For GI Tag

Jharkhand’s ‘Peda’ Makers Shoot For GI Tag

RANCHI, (IANS) – Deoghar’s famous and delicious peda, a specialty of this holy town in Jharkhand, is eying the GI (Geographical Indication) tag and it is likely that its unique identity will be recognized soon.

The month-long Shravani fair starts July 14, and is a big draw for Lord Shiva devotees, with about 80 lakh devotees likely to descend on the holy city. A member of the Babadham Peda Traders Association said there is a possibility that at least 10,000 tons of peda will be sold during the month-long celebration or pedas worth Rs 50 to Rs 60 crore.

Even after the Shravani fair, devotees, and tourists from all over the country and abroad keep coming here throughout the year and due to this, the current annual business of the peda is about Rs 125 crore.

A systematic effort is being made by the district administration for branding of the Babadham Peda and to promote it in the international market.

The Deoghar peda is 120 years old. There are three-four hundred peda shops near the main temple in the town. The most famous is a shop on the way to Basukinath, 20-22 km from Deoghar. There are some five-six hundred peda shops here. There is no such big cluster of peda shops anywhere else in the country. The region also has a 100-year-old peda shop.

Pedas made of khoya and jaggery, remains safe for consumption for 10 to 12 days even without refrigeration. The most interesting thing is that it is not offered as prasad to Lord Shiva, but the devotees return from here mainly with peda in the form of prasad. Lord Shiva is offered water from the Ganga which is mixed in the peda and is why it is considered mahaprasad.

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