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Justin Trudeau Says Canada Not Soft On Terrorism

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Justin Trudeau Says Canada Not Soft On Terrorism

OTTAWA (ANI) – Reacting to allegations that the Canadian government is soft and reluctant to act against pro-Khalistan gatherings and terrorists in the country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada has “always taken serious action against terrorism and we always will.”

In the past couple of months, three major anti-India incidents involving Khalistani separatists have been reported in Canada. Calling Canada an “extremely diverse country,” he said his country will make sure that violence and extremism are pushed back in all its forms.

Trudeau refuted allegations that he is soft on terrorist elements. His statement comes after India summoned Canadian High Commissioner in New Delhi over propaganda material, including posters, containing threats to Indian diplomats being circulated in Canada and has served a demarche to the Justin Trudeau government.

In response to a question regarding the parade in Canada depicting the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Trudeau said, “They are wrong. Canada has always taken extremely seriously violence and threats of violence. We have always taken serious action against terrorism, and we always will.”

“We have an extremely diverse country and freedom of expression is something that we have. But we will also make sure that we are pushing back against violence and extremism in all its forms,” he added.

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  • Only words, no action

    July 7, 2023
  • Many Kudos to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for standing up to human rights and freedom of speech in Canada. All basic freedoms enshrined in the Candian Charter are to ensure that no resident of Canada is abused for a person’s nationality, religion, caste, color, or expressions. Any curtailment of these activities is abhorrent to the civilized system of living in an organized society. India’s constitution is supporting of these activities, as well. The Modi government should refrain from talking from both openings of its body politique.

    July 10, 2023

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