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Kanika Kapoor’s New Take on Love

Kanika Kapoor’s New Take on Love

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Celebrated singer Kanika Kapoor, who recently released her new independent song ‘Buhe Bariya’, says that it is a completely new take on love that is inspired by the Punjabi folk.

The lyrics of ‘Buhe Bariyan’ are written by Kunwar Juneja and song is composed by Gourov Dasgupta and Shruti Rane.

Kanika said, “This was the first time I sang a love song like that and even though the first two lines of the song we have taken from the old Punjabi folk, it is a very new and refreshing take on a love song. Otherwise, my fans especially those who followed my Bollywood work, have heard me singing item songs. It is different. It usually does not happen when I get hooked to my own song but this one is one of such.”

Asked about her wish to become an actress, the singer, who looks ravishing in the music video and has always received praises for her fashion and screen presence, replied: “Honestly speaking, I do get acting offers. But I do not want to take up something if I cannot commit to it completely. Acting is a big commitment, and I am in love with music.”

Kanika became an overnight singing sensation with the song ‘Baby Doll’ followed by ‘Kamlee’, ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan’, ‘Chhil Gaye Naina’, among many other superhits.

However, the singer shares her thought on why she is focusing on her independent career.

“I think it is very important to have an independent career as an artist, then just in Bollywood. It is true that I have earned a huge name because of my playback singing in Bollywood but it all started as an indie artist. The scenario in Bollywood is a bit saturated, there is a new voice in every film. And all the other avenues that we have on the music app, YouTube channels, are huge. So, the whole idea of getting exposure through Bollywood songs has gone.”

The song ‘Buhe Bariya’ has been released on the YouTube channel of Saregama and all the music streaming platforms.

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