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Kareena Kapoor Khan On Her Kids Skincare Routine

Kareena Kapoor Khan On Her Kids Skincare Routine

As a mother, how do you ensure that you use the best skin care products for your children?

Kareena: My priority as a mother is to attend to my children’s skincare requirements. Their skin is sensitive and prone to dryness and inflammation. I often choose light, soft, yet efficient skin care products that shield the skin from irritating elements. I also make sure to properly review all the product contents. Confirming that all the products are the greatest choice for their skin is essential in my opinion.

Do you have a unique skincare routine for your children?

Kareena: I have a daily skincare routine (twice a day) that includes using natural skincare products that are mild and safe to use on babies. A decent skincare routine should be combined with a healthy diet. Therefore, I make certain that my children are well-fed and get adequate sleep. I also keep track of their physical activities daily.

What ingredients do you search for when purchasing baby products?

Kareena: I look for products that have hydrating elements in them like shea butter, glycerine, and necessary vitamins. For cleansing, I always look for a gentle wash that is free of harsh chemicals and has more natural ingredients. A baby’s skin is exceptionally soft and gentle, and it needs utmost care, especially with all the harsh environmental factors.

What advice would you give to new mothers about their baby’s skincare?

Kareena: Always make informed choices, do your research, check the product ingredients, and consult with your pediatrician on what works best for your baby. Motherhood is an ongoing learning process. You make mistakes and you learn from them.

How do you strike a balance between work and motherhood?

Kareena: I agree that it is a challenging task; the key is to plan and seek support from people around you whenever needed. Motherhood is a process; you get the hang of it gradually. I always try to spend quality time with them, I engage with them in various activities like drawing, yoga, swimming, games, school homework, etc. You tend to learn a lot about your kids when you start involving yourself in these day-to-day activities. (IANS)

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