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‘KBC 13’: Ramesh Sippy Reveals How Dream Cast of ‘Sholay’ Was Assembled

‘KBC 13’: Ramesh Sippy Reveals How Dream Cast of ‘Sholay’ Was Assembled

Ramesh Sippy and Hema Malini will revive “Sholay” on “KBC 13.” (photo via IANS)

MUMBAI — Renowned director Ramesh Sippy shares with ‘KBC 13’ host Amitabh Bachchan as to why he chose Hema Malini as ‘Basanti’ and how did he think about ‘Jai-Veeru’. Sippy will appear as a special guest along with Hema Malini on ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 13’s ‘Shaandaar Shukravaar’ episode.

Both will be talking about the iconic blockbuster ‘Sholay’ as the movie celebrates 46 years of its release.

Replying to Amitabh, Ramesh Sippy shared: “See, Hema ji in her first film with me had portrayed the role of a young widow and in the second film, ‘Seeta aur Geeta’, she surprised us. So, for the role of ‘Basanti’ I felt that no one can do it apart from her.”

“Also, there was one more thing. When we completed ‘Seeta aur Geeta’ and it became successful, it is then when we decided whatever I make after this, Dharam ji, Hema ji and Sanjeev ji must be there. And as the script of ‘Sholay’ was shaping up, it was fitting perfectly.”

When asked about how he thought of ‘Jai-Veeru,’ Sippy replied: “We had ‘Veeru,’ he was there in the last film, too. So, there was one thing that I had thought about is that we have three superstars and if I get one more superstar, it would be difficult for me, only. So, then I thought I need a good actor, who does good work and becomes a team. Because when Salim-Javed suggested Amit ji for this role, saying there’s one ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ who’s doing good work and is working with us in ‘Zanjeer.’ I said ok, that’s good.”

“And, then I thought that he’s not a star at the moment so I won’t have that problem that there’s one more star on the set. But, there are two things that I remember about you. You did a great job in the film ‘Anand’, a very serious role and then in ‘Bombay to Goa’ you did a light role with Mehmood Saab. In that bus, you were this tall man and the way you danced gracefully. I felt this seems to be an actor who can do anything. So, he will be able to give us what we want. That’s how the casting was done,” he added.

To all that Sippy said, Amitabh acknowledges and responded: “Thank you very much, Sir.” Replying to this, Sippy shared: “You proved it. And by the time the film released, you became the biggest star.”

‘KBC 13’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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