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KFC Launches ‘Biryani Bucket’ Campaign in India

KFC Launches ‘Biryani Bucket’ Campaign in India

Nothing quite hits the spot like biryani and when in India, even international food chains recognize this. KFC has recently introduced their brand-new Biryani Bucket, a product addition to the menu that was a long time coming.

Actors Govinda and Karisma Kapoor come together after almost a decade to launch the new product with a fun digital film for the brand. In the film, the beloved Jodi no.1 talk about the actual Jodi no.1 i.e. KFC chicken and Biryani rice.

More from Karisma Kapoor:

* Do you watch what you eat and what fitness routine do you follow?

Well, I do watch what I eat, but it’s common knowledge that I am a big foodie and I come from a family that loves food. I grew up trying different kinds of cuisine, learning about them and experimenting with food has been a way of life for us. So, I’d say that I watch what I eat but I don’t limit myself when it comes to good food; though I eat everything in moderation.

* You’ve teamed up with Govinda after more than a decade… what was it like to be back on set together?

Although we didn’t shoot together, but of course, the concept was fun and the script was very humorous, and I think it was very wonderful of KFC to get us together in the same frame after so long. It’s been simply amazing to have been cast together to do this really fun film. I love Chichi, KFC and Biryani. So, I think it was a triple whammy, absolute icing on the cake, or should I say chicken on top of the rice!

* As things go back to normal, what’s the one lockdown habit you love and refuse to give up on?

Strangely, the lockdown habit was learning how to cook. I love to eat, but I never really stepped into the kitchen much. I used to discuss recipes, but I never cooked. That’s something that developed during the lockdown, and I am enjoying it, so I think I’ll continue doing that.

*Biryani is every Indian household’s favorite. What do you feel about the KFC version?

I think it’s a fantastic idea and a great innovation! I for one enjoy KFC and absolutely love biryani. Both are very familiar and much-loved delicacies – and now with them combined, it is the perfect combination for foodies like me, who don’t have to choose anymore. It’s unbelievable to think that people today, are going to get the opportunity to get a Bucket with not only KFC’s iconic chicken but yummy biryani as well, or should I say Biryummy! I am super excited to be a part of this campaign and bring this fabulous new offering to KFC fans.

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