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‘Kohrra’ Highlights Punjab’s Diaspora

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‘Kohrra’ Highlights Punjab’s Diaspora

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Sudip Sharma, the acclaimed showrunner behind films like ‘Udta Punjab,’ ‘NH10,’ and ‘Sonchiriya,’ has unveiled his vision for his latest project, the Barun Sobti starrer, ‘Kohrra

According to Sudip, a story must be intricately intertwined with its setting, inseparable from the tapestry of its time and place. From the agrarian heartland to the NRI diaspora and the industrial belt, ‘Kohrra’ aims to capture the essence of Punjab through an unexplored lens.

Reflecting on his experience, Sharma stated, “Research is the lifeblood of storytelling. The idea with ‘Kohrra’ was to bring forth an authentic, layered essence of Punjab beyond the popular representation in mainstream media.” He further explained, “We designed the story landscape in a way that mirrors the various portraits of Punjab we wanted to present, from the lush agrarian landscapes to grungy industrial areas, transport hubs, and plush NRI homes.”

The series captures the complexities of Punjab’s transport sector, delves into the lives of NRIs, and portrays the daily struggles and aspirations of the middle class.

Starring Barun Sobti, Rachel Shelly, Suvinder Vicky, and Varun Badola, ‘Kohrra’ is set to premiere on Netflix on July 15.

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