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LA’s Sapra Eyeing Album With Punjabi-Country Music Beats

LA's Sapra Eyeing Album With Punjabi-Country Music Beats

LA’s Sapra Eyeing Album With Punjabi-Country Music Beats

India-West Staff Reporter

LOS ANGELES, CA – The Southern California-based music artist, Sapra, is currently working on a new album that’s a departure from his usual genre. Entitled The Indian Cowboy, the album was inspired by his friendship with a real cowboy.

The album features new and original music by Sapra and revolves around his experiences while hanging out with the cowboys of Apple Valley where he’s shot videos and a feature film. That new friend was Ty Nitti, the first-ever Indian cowboy.

“From that moment on, Ty took it upon himself to teach me everything about cowboys,” said Sapra. “He taught me how to fire a bullet at a tree stump target, riding wild horses, and line dancing at saloons.

“I was introduced to this culture of wearing my cowboy hat and boots and rolling like an Indian cowboy,” he continued. “It inspired me to work on an album with a mix of country banjo, guitar and Indian dohl (drums).”

This is Sapra’s first foray into music traditionally considered country. The tracks on the album are performed in a country-Punjabi style mix. He’s composed and released numerous singles and music videos of pop songs that have garnered millions of social media views. The musician has also composed music for a full-length comedy-horror film entitled Dead of Night to be released for Halloween 2024. Sapra is well known internationally for his fusions that combine elements of Hindi. African, hip hop, and pop. The songs are popular dance music and have debuted to wide acclaim.

The Indian Cowboy album marks a departure from Sapra’s usual genre but still delivers what his millions of listeners demand. It’s an innovative approach that celebrates his friendship with Nitti and the experience of an Indian cowboy in the U.S.

Among Sapra’s many compositions are Always on My Mind which was featured by Rolling Stone magazine. His single Coco was published on YouTube by T-Series, India’s largest label. Haiwan is a pandemic blues song performed in the rap genre. Meetha Meetha Pain Coco was extremely popular with youths, as was the party song Ishq Nahila.

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