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Lions Club International-California Names James Varghese Governor-Elect

Lions Club International-California Names James Varghese Governor-Elect

Indian American James Varghese has been named governor-elect of Lions Club International’s California chapter. (photo provided)

India-West Staff Reporter

James Varghese, the first vice district governor of the Lions Club International California chapter, has been named governor-elect of the chapter.

With an extensive history of helping people in need, Varghese aims to conceive even newer projects in his term, leading the 42 Lions Clubs in California, a news release said.

The Indian American leader will be assisted by a cabinet of 20 officers, first vice district governor, second vice district governor and 50 different committee chairs.

Varghese will assume the role July 1.

On a mission to create a positive impact on the world, Lions Club is the largest service club in the world. With a century-long heritage, Lions Club promotes the well-being of people all over the world, it said.

“This positive impact can only be achieved with great leadership. One such leader is James Varghese, who has recently been elected as the governor for the term of 2021-2022,” Lions Club International noted in its release.

The newly elected district cabinet under the guidance of Varghese is planning to have a District Cabinet installation ceremony.

While Varghese served as the vice district governor, he overlooked many key aspects of serving his community, the release said.

Partnering up with third party organizations, he has helped to provide hundreds of tons of free food to low-income earners. In addition, Varghese also helped school-going children by providing them with free backpacks and other necessary academic items.

For those who lost their jobs, Varghese arranged special amenities so that they can make their ends meet. Moreover, he also generously helped food banks, the bio said.

Taking office as the governor, Varghese has big plans that he desires to implement in his term.

“I am working with partner organizations like Eva S. Rosa Trust, Silicon Valley Indian Lions Clubs, etc., and planning to distribute thousands of backpacks and school supplies to the low-income students of Alameda and Contra Costa counties and also working on providing internet Wi-Fi equipment to enhance students’ education experience at many low-income families,” he said.

Providing students with necessary school items will be beneficial when the schools reopen for in-person classes, he noted.

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