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Lucky Ali’s New Video Shot Amidst War In Ukraine

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Lucky Ali’s New Video Shot Amidst War In Ukraine

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Pop singer Lucky Ali has released an English song in collaboration with Israeli artiste Eliezer Botzer. The production of the music video began in Ukraine before the war broke out and was completed during the war.

Lucky said: “They came with some good music, and I was happy to add to that in the best way I could. Because they also came from so far away, it was more an honorable situation, more a situation of guests coming to our place from a different country and us being aware of that and doing what we do as Indians, being responsive and welcoming.

“And it worked out in a way that was organic and it gave a lot of good vibes. It just grew from that small first meeting to this whole ongoing album, and it’s nice. We enjoy the spaces in between because they give opportunities for us to do the work we do and idea maybe a newer idea that works between them and us… now it’s all of us only because there is no them. It’s one album, one process.”

For Lucky, whose popular songs such as ‘O Sanam’ and ‘Na Tum Jaano Na Hum’ are still etched in everyone’s mind, goes by what his heart feels.

“I go with my heart and if the connection makes sense it’ll grow. Sometimes you could be trying to work with a very good artist, and nothing really comes of it. But in this case, it was very interesting because it was traditional, from a part of the world that even I’m familiar with.”

“It was baby steps and then finding your way through your whole thing. I’m sure it was the same for all artists involved in this project. You’re just looking to be understood and hopefully expressed.

Botzer has been deeply connected with India for over more than a decade.

“For more than a decade I’ve had a very deep connection with India, the land and people and exploring India’s gift to the world, we searched for an Indian artist to connect with to create a collaboration of spirit and a joining of souls through the element of music. God guided us to the best partner for the journey.”

The moment he heard Lucky’s music, he felt connected.

He said that this album is about a connection between “two musicians, two artistes, two different cultures and two musicians from Israel and India,” which he hopes inspires the listeners as it inspired the musicians while creating it.

Botzer continued: “The instrumentals were recorded live in studios in India and in Israel and included a combination of 30 Indian and Israeli top musicians.

“Production of the music video began in Ukraine before the war broke out and was completed in Ukraine during the war, which, unfortunately, has not yet ended. Actors and animators are all Ukrainian.”

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