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Majid Majidi Praises Himanshu Malik For His Film ‘Chitrakut’

Majid Majidi Praises Himanshu Malik For His Film ‘Chitrakut’

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Majid Majidi, the director known for films like ‘Children of Heaven’ and ‘The Song of Sparrows’, has praised actor-turned-director Himanshu Malik and his directorial debut ‘Chitrakut’.

Himanshu is the actor who starred in Anubhav Sinha’s musical film ‘Tum Bin’ back in 2001.

Recollecting the time when he saw the film at Himanshu’s request, Majidi said, “I remember that I was a part of jury committee for a festival in Kerala. At that time a young man named Himanshu came (to me) and wanted me to watch his film. Although it was a tight schedule, we managed to watch the film together.”

The veteran filmmaker further mentioned, “‘Chitrakut’ is a sensitive and mature film, it was very interesting to me because of the direction. Although his world is very different from mine keeping this angle aside since my personal preference is totally a different cinema but as a director, I felt that he is a young emerging talent and I am sure if you continue, he can become a good filmmaker for Indian cinema the very fact that what he has done is totally different.”

He shared that the film is away from the general tropes of a Bollywood film and caters to an important subject, “It seemed to be an offbeat endeavor and a far away from the commonness of Bollywood style. For that reason, such outputs are highly valuable. I hope that during the course of his time, he carves a niche and makes films concerning social issues and the difficulties of humanity because I believe Himanshu is a director with a bright future.”

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