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Makai Shorba

Makai Shorba


Golden corn roasted 200 gm

Vegetable oil 15 ml

Garlic clove 5 no

Ginger 5 gm

Cumin seeds 3 gm

Coriander seeds 2 gm

Maida 10 gm

Turmeric 2 gm

Salt to taste

Black pepper to taste

Fresh cilantro to taste


. Blend half-roasted corn to make a fine paste and coarsely grind the remaining corn.

. Heat oil in a pan

. Add chopped garlic clove. When golden, add cumin and coriander

. Now add ginger, coriander shoots, turmeric and maida. Cook for another 2 minutes till sandy texture.

. Now add water (approx. 100 ml). Cook for another minute

. Now add pureed and coarsely grounded corn

 . Bring to a boil and simmer to required consistency

. Check seasoning and serve hot with accompaniments

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