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Man Finds Indian Student “Creepy,” Drives Knife Through His Head

Man Finds Indian Student “Creepy,” Drives Knife Through His Head

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VALPARAISO, IN – A graduate student at Valparaiso University is battling for life after a 24-year-old man stabbed him at a public gym thinking that the victim was going to “assassinate” him.

Jordan Andrade was arrested for the crime of attacking Pucha Varun Raj, also 24, at the Planet Fitness Club’s massage room on October 29 morning, The Times of Northwest Indiana reported.

Andrade told Valparaiso Police that “someone” told him that Varun was “creepy” and “threatening” and feared that he would “assassinate him”.

Varun was taken to a Fort Wayne hospital due to the severity of his injury and has been reportedly given a zero to five percent chance of survival as the knife was driven into his temple and ultimately the brain stem. 

Andrade is lodged at the Porter County Jail and has been charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery.

Police said they walked into the gym’s massage chair room to find a large amount of blood on one of two chairs and a folding knife on the counter that reportedly belonged to Andrade.

They found Varun seated in a massage chair with a head injury.

According to a charging document, Andrade said he made sure to react the “right way” after determining that Varun posed a threat to him.

“Andrade then described (the man) as a threat to him so he ‘just reacted’,” police said.

Andrade said Varun never got out of his chair and did not instigate any contact, “stating that the only physical contact was (the man) attempting to push Andrade off him after Andrade started attacking” him, police said.

Other gym goers described Varun as someone who “generally kept to himself, was quiet and reserved”.

Andrade is scheduled to make an initial appearance on the charges before Porter Superior Court Judge.

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  • There are too many psychiatric patients walking around. Broken homes, the availability of drugs and alcohol, and broken social structures all are contributing to this increasing problem. I pray for this poor Indian victim’s recovery. Hope recovers soon.

    November 1, 2023

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