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Maniesh Paul To Uncover Legends In ‘History Hunter’

Maniesh Paul To Uncover Legends In ‘History Hunter’

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Actor Maniesh Paul is all set to host ‘History Hunter’, a docu-series which will unravel remarkable unknown historical facts from across India.

The show will delve into unearthed mysteries of India’s greatest legends and tales. Maniesh will be supported by experts on his quest to find a logical explanation and reasoning behind the questions that present themselves.

From discovering how Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali created the world’s first viable militarized rockets that went on to be an inspiration for the British to revealing whether the famous Saraswati River is a myth or reality and how the city of Lakpath went from being a city of millionaires to an abandoned barren land, ‘History Hunter’ will attempt to solve unanswered questions.

The eight-episode series will spotlight historical landmarks such as Nalanda University, Golconda Fort, Mahabalipuram, Brihadeeswara Temple, the city of Lakhpat, and the Saraswati River. The show will also explore theories regarding the disappearance of Nana Saheb Peshwa II.

‘History Hunter’ will premiere on November 20 on Discovery Channel, and discovery+.

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