HomeMain SliderMinita Sanghvi Gets Democratic Nom, Could Become First Gay Woman In NY Senate

Minita Sanghvi Gets Democratic Nom, Could Become First Gay Woman In NY Senate

Minita Sanghvi Gets Democratic Nom, Could Become First Gay Woman In NY Senate

Minita Sanghvi Gets Democratic Nom, Could Become First Gay Woman In NY Senate

India-West Staff Reporter

NEW YORK, NY – Minita Sanghvi officially secured the Democratic nomination for New York’s 44th State Senate district on February 26.

Saratoga County Democratic Committee and Schenectady County Democratic Committee have both endorsed her.

Endorsing Sanghvi, Saratoga County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Martha Devaney praised her as a committed advocate and proven problem solver. Devaney highlighted Sanghvi’s multifaceted background, including her roles as a dedicated parent, respected educator, and effective public servant, as evidence of her capacity to deliver results transcending partisan lines.

Frank Salamone, Chair of the Schenectady County Democratic Committee, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing Sanghvi’s successful track record as Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Finance.

Salamone lauded her fiscal responsibility and highlighted key city improvements under her leadership, including the establishment of a third fire station, a 24/7 homeless shelter, and essential infrastructure enhancements.

The 44th State Senate district, encompassing Saratoga County, Niskayuna, and the City of Schenectady, currently under Republican incumbent Jim Tedisco who has held the office for four decades, has witnessed a shifting political landscape. While traditionally Republican, a surge in registered Democrats, outnumbering Republicans by nearly 6,000, signals changing demographics.

President Biden’s decisive victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 election within the district further underscores this trend.

Sanghvi’s potential election would mark historic milestones, making her the first openly gay woman and woman of color to represent New York’s 44th State Senate District, as well as the first openly gay woman in the New York Senate.

“I’m running for State Senate because we deserve better,” said Sanghvi upon announcing her candidacy in January. Emphasizing her status as a parent, business educator, and dedicated public servant, Sanghvi vowed to prioritize community needs over partisan politics. She underscored her track record of collaborative leadership and tangible accomplishments, underscoring her commitment to fiscal responsibility and responsive governance.

Born in India, Sanghvi immigrated to the US in 2001, holding degrees in accounting and an MBA. She taught business at Skidmore College for nearly a decade before winning the election as Saratoga Springs Finance Commissioner in 2021. Sanghvi emphasized her achievements in delivering fiscally responsible results, prioritizing public safety, and enhancing residents’ quality of life.

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