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Miss Connecticut’ Sapna Raghavan Vying for ‘Miss America 2021’ Title

Miss Connecticut’ Sapna Raghavan Vying for ‘Miss America 2021’ Title

Indian American Sapna Raghavan will be representing Connecticut at the 2021 Miss America competition. (Catherine Fiehn/missct.org photo)

India-West Staff Reporter

Sapna Raghavan, the Indian American winner of the 2021 Miss Connecticut title, is among 49 candidates competing for the Miss America 2021 title.

The Ellington-based 22-year-old is a 2016 graduate of Ellington High School and graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2020 where she majored in business management and marketing analytics with a minor in professional writing. She works for a marketing consulting company in Boston, Massachusetts.

Raghavan has been prepping for this for some time. In 2015, she won the Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen title. The same year, she was also crowned Miss Greater Rockville’s Outstanding Teen.

Raghavan proudly embraces her heritage through her talent of Indian classical dance, and through her platform, Embracing Diversity: Overcoming Adversity.

For the talent phase of the Miss Connecticut competition, she performed a self-taught and self-written classical Indian dance with vocal narration, according to the Hartford Courant.

“This time around, I’m not as oblivious, which is a good thing and a bad thing,” she told the publication. “When I was a teen, I was such a little girl that I thought everything was wild and fed off of that energy. This time, being aware of everything that was going on, I was able to be more intentional. I think I’m happier this time around, because I can do everything I want to do.”

Raghavan said she plans to be an advocate for women in business everywhere, including being a role model for women who need to report harassment in the workplace.

She aspires to make an impact in the world as a future entrepreneur.

“I feel most empowered when I am able to move the needle forward for women everywhere and make another crack in the glass ceiling,” she wrote on Instagram.

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