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Much to Learn From Bear Grylls Says Ranveer

Much to Learn From Bear Grylls Says Ranveer

MUMBAI, (ANI) – Ranveer Singh, recently appeared on ‘Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls’ an interactive special by Netflix, which is currently garnering positive response all over the globe.

The ‘Befikre’ actor reacted to all the love that the audience has been showering on him for his first non-fiction show and said, “I personally thought that was very cool and am really glad how it landed and is being received so well by the audience. Yes, it was an experiment for me, and I was unsure about whether it would work on not. To be honest the good folks at Netflix and Banijay were way more confident than me. But when we went out and we shot it and I saw the results, I was like Wow, even I was thoroughly entertained by it.”

The ‘Padmaavat’ actor, in the interview said, “I remember, instinctively reacting to it in the room telling the Banijay and Netflix teams that this is there because it’s got all the Navaras. It’s got humor, emotion, thrill, suspense, romance, it’s got so many flavors and to add to that; the audience is participating in the journey. I am really happy that what was an experiment for me has worked so well.” Ranveer stated.

On being asked why he opted to do a non-fiction show at this time in his career, the actor responded, “When I was pitched this show I was very excited to do something that has not been done before in the Indian entertainment space. It was something never done before or never seen before and that’s what attracted me to it. In most of my choices, in life, I am inclined toward taking risks. So, this was a calculated risk in the sense that I was attempting something that hadn’t been done before; but that was also what was exciting about it.”

On his experience of working with Bear Grylls he added, “My first thought was how cool it would be to go off to a forest, something I had never done before. I am very grateful that it was with Bear Grylls who is the king of the jungle. He is the ultimate master of the survival game. There is so much to learn from him. It would not have been the experience, and the show would have not been anything without Bear.”

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