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Munawar: Was Not Ready For Personal Life To Be Exposed


Munawar: Was Not Ready For Personal Life To Be Exposed

NEW DELHI, (IANS) Munawar Faruqui, who took home the ‘Bigg Boss 17’ winner’s title, spoke about how his personal life was exposed on national TV.

During his 105-day journey in the show, Munawar faced several hiccups. One particularly being Ayesha Khan, who during her entry in the show as a wild card claimed that the stand-up star “two-timed”, “lied” and even proposed a “rishta” to a girl before entering the Salman Khan-hosted show.

Asked if he felt targeted with all his details out in the open, Munawar said, “You aren’t ready for such things in life. When your personal life comes like this, you are never ready for it. I had gone to the show to entertain, and it was not to bring out my personal life like this. But no one has control over such things. I was at a place where I got to know that a person had come and done this. It was an uncontrolled situation.”

However, Munawar now feels like an evolved person as he stepped out with the trophy and Rs 50 lakh richer. “I feel Bigg Boss has made me a better person.”

Now that the show is over, would he like to be in touch with the other 16 contestants, with whom he saw a love-hate relationship in the show?

“I am not a person who holds grudges. I am a person who lets things go,” he said.

Now, Munawar wants to reciprocate his love for the audience with entertainment.

“I am looking to entertain my fans, the audience that gave me a lot of love. My dream is to give them entertainment in return,” he said.

Munawar, who won another reality show with a similar concept hosted by Kangana Ranaut, was often heard talking about how he wants to take the trophy to Dongri, Mumbai, from where he comes.

He said: “The trophy goes to Dongri only. I am happy it feels good. This is a very good feeling that you have won a show like this and then won a bigger version of that show… Winning Bigg Boss… When you rule the TV, that happiness is unmeasurable.”

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