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My Love Stories Will Go With Me To The Grave, Says ‘Unlucky in Love’ Salman


My Love Stories Will Go With Me To The Grave, Says ‘Unlucky in Love’ Salman

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has admitted that he has been “unlucky in love”, probably because of his own faults.

Asked on the chat show ‘Aap ki Adalat’, whether he intended to write an autobiography on his love affairs, he replied: “My love stories will go with me to the grave.”

Asked when he intends to marry, he replied: “Jab aisa koi aayegi, toh ho jayega, Sir (when somebody comes, it will happen). Actually, sabhi achhe hain (all my previous girlfriends were good), the fault lies in me. When the first one left, it could have been her fault, when the second one and then the third one left, there could be faults with them, but with the fourth one, doubt creeps in whether the fault lies with them or me.”

“In the fifth case, it could have been 60:40. But when more was left, it was then confirmed that it was my fault. None of them had any fault. It is only my fault. Probably a kind of fear in their mind that I may not be able to give them happiness in life. I am sure they are all happy wherever they are.”

The host asked again: “The whole world wants to know when you will marry.”

Salman replied: “Jab Ooper Walah chahega, Sir (When God Almighty wills so). Two individuals are needed for marriage. In the first case, the marriage did not happen. When I said yes, somebody said, no. When somebody said yes, I said no. Now there is ‘no’ from both sides. When both sides say ‘yes’, the marriage will take place. There’s still time. I am 57. I want this time to be the first and last. Matlab ek biwi honi chahiye.”

And how many children does he want?

Salman replied: “As many as possible. Many. If I have one, or another after 5-6 years, I can play with them for 20-25 years. This is called dedication, consistency, and persistence.”

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