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Nadru – a Delicacy at the Table of Every Kashmiri

Nadru – a Delicacy at the Table of Every Kashmiri

SRINAGAR, (IANS) – Kashmiri Wazwan is already world famous, and along with it another favorite food of the Kashmiris is ‘Nadru’ or lotus stem. This delicacy prepared from the root of the lotus flower can be found on the table of every Kashmiri home.

Nadru is cooked with meat and fish as well as in the famed dal yakhni, spinach, etc. Another tasty dish known as Nadru Monj is prepared by mixing the vegetable with besan and then frying it in oil.

Cultivation of Nadru is done in the three big lakes of the Valley — Dal, Wular and Anchar. It is also a source of employment for many people.

In the winter season, farmers face a lot of difficulties in cultivating Nadru in the frozen water of the lakes, as they must go deep into the water to extract the vegetable. However, some modern methods, including a special type of clothing to protect them from the freezing water, have made this difficult task a little easier, say farmers.

Expert experience is needed to harvest Nadru from the lakes, otherwise, it can become a disaster for the farmer. Farmers go out in their boats early in the morning and spend hours in the lakes in search of this vegetable.

One of the common complaints of the farmers is that the price they get for their harvest isn’t enough.

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