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Naezy’s New Track About Men Expressing Love

Naezy’s New Track About Men Expressing Love

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Rapper Naved Shaikh, who is popularly known as Naezy, released his latest number, ‘Mallika’ on October 26.

The track reflects his effort to portray the feelings of men who struggle to express their love.

Naezy’s music consistently explores socio-political issues, with songs like ‘Haq Hai,’ ‘Tragedy Mein Comedy,’ and ‘Azaad Hu Mein’ addressing the challenges faced by the common man in his life.

However, the singer notes that the tone of ‘Mallika’ is tender, focusing less on themes of gangs, money, or politics and more on the theme of love.

Talking about the song, Naezy said: “In today’s world approaching a girl is questionable. A lot of people are doing it wrong. With ‘Mallika’ I am trying to express my feelings in a respectful way which is both fun and acceptable, which will set an atmosphere where girls are respected like queens and respecting women should be the new trend.”

The rapper further said: “I aim to connect with those who may find it challenging to express their love, especially the quiet ones whose words often remain unspoken, and those who fear judgement or rejection when they open up about their feelings.”

Launched in association with Saregama India Ltd, ‘Mallika’ is available on Saregama Music YouTube channel and all major audio streaming platforms.

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