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Nakuul Mehta Says Fatherhood I Liberating

Nakuul Mehta Says Fatherhood I Liberating

Nakuul Mehta Says Fatherhood I Liberating

MUMBAI, (IANS) – Actor Nakuul Mehta is set to embark on a thrilling journey in the uncharted terrain of Spiti Valley with chef Ranveer Brar, in the upcoming episode of ‘Star Vs Food Survival’, and revealed his thoughts on being a father, and how it has changed him as a person.

Through the enthralling adventure, Nakuul in a heartfelt conversation with Ranveer, said: “Before Sufi was born, and it’s just been two and a half years, I used to feel my life was quite good. Jankee and I have had a very beautiful relationship. There is so much respect, and then Sufi came into our lives. I won’t say complete is the word, but it is liberating.”

Speaking about how he evolved as an actor and a person along with his wife Jankee, Nakuul said, “I mean before we found our careers before we found ourselves. Even before we found each other. I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to make it as an actor. She wasn’t sure whether she would be able to make it as a singer. You know, from tasting failure earlier on in the beginning to now kind of finding you know, love and validation it has been wonderful. It’s been great. And having built a family, thanks to the pandemic. We got some time off.”

While cooking delicacies with Ranveer, Nakuul broke an egg in a quintessential way as he directly poured the yolk into the pan. Ranveer was impressed as well, and hilariously said that Nakuul juiced the egg.

Talking about his experience shooting for ‘Star Vs Food Survival’, Nakuul said: “So when you’re shooting a fiction show, which, which is the space I come from, I feel you’re playing a character, and you’re playing it with a set of individuals who are your co-actors, and, you know, there’s a script which is handed to you, I feel when you’re doing an adventure, like Star Vs Food Survival.”

The ‘Ishqbaaaz’ fame actor said: “Number one, you’re doing it as yourself, you’re not playing a character, you’re not embodying someone else, you get to be in the moment and experience things with, with no other filter, you know, with the filter, which is yourself, which is, you know, which is truly you.”

“And I feel, you know, experiences like these, and especially my journey with ‘Star Vs Food Survival’, you know, the episode we shot and Spiti was such a personal one, I felt there was so much learning, sharing, which happened that it really made me sort of really grateful for an opportunity like this, because, you know, being used to fiction, it kind of becomes monotonous,” he said.

Nakuul further said: “And sometimes you start living the part every day for an opportunity like this comes in and breaks and shatters so many preconceived notions you have about, about people, about life, about how you want to build a career. And I greatly enjoyed it.”

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