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Neil Patel’s Right-Wing ‘The Daily Caller’ Inciting Hate Against Asians Says Report


Neil Patel’s Right-Wing ‘The Daily Caller’ Inciting Hate Against Asians Says Report

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LOS ANGELES, CA – The far-right wing site ‘The Daily Caller,’ led by publisher Neil Patel, the Los Angeles Times reported on April 9, has been targeting Asian business leaders in the city. The conservative site was founded by Patel and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, known for his radical commentary on social issues and support on-air for the January 6 riots at the Capitol.

The LAT report quoted prominent Asian businesspeople – including the CEO of East-West Bank in Pasadena, CA, – expressing their shock and bewilderment at being the target of innuendos, making it seem like they were stooges of China and the Chinese government. 

In their hit piece on the newly appointed Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, the Caller on March 13 attacked Taiwanese and Chinese businesses, questioning their loyalty to America.

The timing of the story titled, ‘Huge Red Flag: Inside Biden Nominee Eric Garcetti’s Ties to Members of Alleged Chinese Intel Front Groups’ was two days before the Senate was to vote on confirming Garcetti as ambassador to India.  After the confirmation, LAT pointed out, the right-wing site turned its attention to attacking the Republican Senators who had voted to confirm Garcetti.

Patel chose to respond to LAT through emails, defending the articles.  The fear is that the reports are fomenting hate in the wake of tensions between US and China and against those who in their hyphenated existence, are loyal to their American side.

Patel moved to the US from Scotland at age three. He has a B.A. from Trinity College in CT where he roomed with Tucker Carlson.  He went on to become an adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney. The Bush White House at one point nominated him to run the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, but he was not confirmed. 

He co-founded Bluebird Asset Management, a hedge fund focusing on mortgage-backed securities. In 2010 he co-founded along with Carlson, the right wing site; in 2020 Carlson sold his stake to Patel.  While at one point it seems to have been influential among those supporting Donald Trump, it has reportedly lost ground to others like Breitbart News.

The Los Angeles Times wrote that reports like the Caller’s which shaped attitudes were considered dangerous because of their far-reaching consequences.  

In California, it drew attention to the campaigns that targeted Congresswoman Judy Chu with a TX Republican questioning her loyalty to the U.S. and Republican Michelle Steel, running dirty campaigns by sending out fake fliers showing her Democratic opponent Jay Chen with photos of Mao Zedong. 

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