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Nepotism: Even A Shopkeeper Wants His Son To Take Over Says Vikrant Massey


Nepotism: Even A Shopkeeper Wants His Son To Take Over Says Vikrant Massey

MUMBAI (ANI) – Many think that Bollywood is not an amiable place for outsiders. However, Vikrant Massey has a different perception of nepotism in the industry, which is based on his own experience.

He said, “It is a merit-based institution. “People talk about nepotism but even a shopkeeper in Chandni Chowk would not go out to search for someone to sit in the shop; he would ask his son only. So, it is in every field. I am not a trained actor. If you are someone’s son or daughter and you get ample opportunities, if you are not good at work, you will be immediately shown the door in this industry.”

The actor added that it is also a fact that this is a challenging industry. He shared, “I have seen many people coming from North India; jinki apni kothiya hai, they left them and came here. So, there is a misconception that things are easy here. It is a very democratic community. It is a very robust and progressive community, but it is not a family. It is a very competitive industry. There are thousands of actors who want to take my place. Do they wish well for me? Or am I irreplaceable? No. If I break my leg, someone else will come and take my place and start shooting in the next 4 days, and that is how competitive it is.”

However, the actor emphasized that it is work that matters and not the caste. “Have seen technicians who came from Chhattisgarh and worked as light men initially but now they have a big name as technicians. They got this based on their work and creativity. It is a beautiful industry where caste and religion don’t matter.”

Vikrant’s recent release ’12th Fail’ has been sent to the Oscars 2024 as an independent nomination.

Helmed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, ’12th Fail’ revolves around UPSC aspirants and is based on real-life experiences. It draws from the gritty struggles of millions of students who attempt the UPSC entrance exam.

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